Muslims Riot as Jews Peacefully Mourn the Destruction of the Temple

by Avi Abelow

Tonight Jews all over the world mourn the destruction of both Jewish Temples, and the destruction of Jerusalem, which took place thousands of years ago. The day is called the ninth of Av, or the ninth day of the Jewish month of Av, the day when both destructions took place. Some Jews visit Jerusalem on this night for an annual march around the old city walls, as a symbolic gesture of remembering our holy city’s destruction. The Muslims posted all over social media to come and riot and “protect their holy city from Jews”. They came on mass, and Israeli forces were needed to protect the peaceful Jews just walking around Jerusalem’s Old City walls.

Screaming at Jews “With Blood and Sweat we will Redeem Jerusalem”

Police Protection

The Ninth of Av

Part of the Jewish tradition in mourning these calamities that befell our people is to fast for the whole day. Jews all over the world do not eat or drink for a 24 hour period to connect with the sadness of the day.

The first Jewish Temple was destroyed by Babylon in 587 before the common era and the second Jewish Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.

The destruction of both Temples brought an end to Jewish sovereignty in our homeland, the destruction of our cities, a massacre of our people and it even led to our expulsion.

It is the saddest day in the Jewish calendar.

While to some it may sound weird for a people to mourn events that happened 2,000+ years ago, it is actually the secret to our survival as a people.

Because our religious culture is serious about remembering our past, we have survived 2,000 years of persecution and exile and we know who we are today as a people.


Many Jews in Israel visit Jerusalem on this day. Some visit the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, some go up to the Temple Mount and some partake in the annual tradition of walking around the Old City Walls.

Muslims Deny the Jewish Connection to Jerusalem

Nobody can deny the Jewish connection to Jerusalem and the fact that the Jewish Temples stood in Jerusalem unless they also want to deny the history of the Roman Empire.

The Jewish rebellion against the Roman Empire was the most successful rebellion ever against the Romans. The Jews succeeded in fighting off the Romans and achieving independence for 4 years before the Romans successfully crushed the rebellion with the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple.

Yet, many Muslims prefer to deny history and incite their own to use violence against Jews in our ancient city of Jerusalem, that is our capital city once again.

The irony is that Islam only began in the 7th century, 600 years after the second Jewish Temple was destroyed. They built the Dome of the Rock on top of our Temple Mount yet they say that we are the occupiers!

Great Graphic of the Temple Mount that Debunks the Muslim lie of “Occupation”

This graphic was created by by friend and fellow online Israel warrior, Ari Fuld HY”D, who was murdered by a Muslim terrorist 11 months ago.

The Temple Mount Today

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