This video left me glued to the screen!

by Phil Schneider

What is the best proof that the Jews are the indigenous people in the Land of Israel? Historians will often look at all of the records throughout history that prove that people lived in a certain area for thousands of years. Of course these records can be debated for efficacy. But there is one aspect of historical proof which lends more weight than nearly any other form of historical proof – archaeology.

Archaeological digs dot the entire Land of Israel. But the crown of the jewel of all archaeology in the Land of Israel is everything that is located just a stone throw away from the Temple Mount. Basically, an entire city – the ancient city of Jerusalem is being unearthed. All of the ancient walkways and cisterns of water for the Old City are discovered each day. But these are not just any streets. They are the streets of King David and King Solomon from 3,000 years ago, when the Jewish people – millions of them – lived and visited Jerusalem with the epicenter being the Temple Mount.

How do we know that these unearthed streets are from King David. Because of the coins, amulets, shards, and countless discoveries that point to this time period. The skeptics will throw good questions at each archaeological find. But any honest person will reach the one and only logical conclusion. Coincidences can happen, but too many coincidences cannot be a coincidence.

The City of David archaeological finds are the cutting edge of historical proof of the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel.

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