The Most Powerful Movie on the Destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Temple

by Avi Abelow

The Roman Empire destroyed the Second Jewish Temple 2,000 years ago in the year 70 AD. It was a devastating blow to the Jewish people with utter destruction.

This is the most powerful movie that depicts the factual history of the Jewish rebellion against the Roman Empire. It depicts the ultimate demise of the Jewish people in their homeland that sent them into exile for 2,000 years.

The Jewish rebellion against the Roman Empire in Judea was the most successful rebellion against the Romans ever. The Jews succeeded in regaining their independence for four years before their rebellion was crushed by the Romans.

Today we know the factual accounts of the rebellion thanks to the historian Josephus Flavious who was present to document it with the Roman forces. Flavious was previously known as Josepsh ben Matityahu. He was a Jew from Jerusalem and one of the most successful Jewish commanders of the rebellion. He succeeded in holding off the Roman conquest of the Galileen city Yodfat for 50 years before the city fell. After Yodfat was conquered, the Roman General was so impressed with Joseph that he let him live. Upon his capture, Joseph ben Matityahu told the commanding Roman General Vespasian that he would be Emporer one day. That prediction came true. Vespasian’s son Titus ended up finishing up the siege on Jerusalem and conquering Jerusalem and the Temple.

Signs from Above

Since Josephus Flavious was a Jew, his historical account of the Roman conquest of Judea included some interesting anecdotes. Flavious himself writes that it wasn’t the Romans that crushed the Jewish rebellion, but it was the one above.

Flavious includes three different episodes that show this quite clearly

  1. Titus wasn’t killed – As Titus was preparing an attack on the Jerusalem walls, he went out on an expedition with 600 horsemen. Titus was unarmed and without armor. He and his men were surrounded and attacked by the Jewish soldiers, yet Titus was not harmed. He escaped and returned to the Roman camp. Flavious writes that had the Jewish soldiers succeeded in killing Titus the war would have ended right there.
  2. The wall fell on its own – The Romans spent two years trying to break down the Jerusalem walls to conquer the city. In the end the wall fell on its own, ironically, caused by a successful counter-attack by the Jews earlier.
  3. The Temple was destroyed even though Titus ordered for it NOT to be destroyed – The Temple was not meant to be destroyed. Titus ordered his men NOT to destroy it. Yet, his men destroyed it anyway.
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