The New York Times offers shameful apology after publishing antisemitic cartoon

by Leah Rosenberg

The New York times has shown their true colors yet again. Their antisemitic cartoon is inexcusable. And now they are trying to apologize? Absurd!

The New York Times

If you want to get honest news coverage, do not count on the New York Times. Their anti-Israel bias and antisemitic propaganda has gotten out of hand. People turn to them for information and a report of what is happening in the world, and they in turn mislead the public.

The New York Times calls themselves a newspaper, but they are nothing but a platform to criticize the Jewish state. And their most recent antisemitic cartoon has crossed a line. It is similar to Nazi propaganda! Will people actually just stand by and let them get away with such horrific antisemitism?

The Meaningless Apology

Thanks New York Times, but no thanks. There is absolutely no excuse for the way they portrayed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and American President Donald Trump. The Times cannot claim ignorance. They cannot claim they didn’t mean anything by it. Saying it was “an error of judgement to publish it” does not excuse them. It is far too clear what their agenda is, and it is enough!

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