The desperate methods Hamas uses to threaten Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Hamas is desperate. They are trying to threaten Israel’s Eurovision celebrations. But they have more to fear than Israel does.

Untitled from 12Tribe Films on Vimeo.


This 2019, the Eurovision competition will be held in Israel. It is supposed to bring people together from all over the world. But Israel-haters are trying to boycott that.

And Hamas is trying to instigate fear by threatening to wreak havoc on the Eurovision celebrations.

Hamas’ Threats

This video was made by Hamas. They are trying to threaten Israel in any way they can – and they just are desperate at this point. Hamas is saying that if Israel does not give into their “demands,” then they will attack Israel and destroy the Eurovision celebrations that will be held in the Jewish state.

But Israel can handle Hamas. Hamas has more to fear for trying to harm the Jewish people and annihilate the state of Israel and the people of Israel. Israel is not afraid of Hamas. The Jewish nation is a strong nation. They fight against terrorism. And ultimately, they will prevail. God chose the Jewish people as His people. And Hamas better backdown. Because God will not let His people be destroyed. Just take a look at history.

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