The disturbing link between the Nazis and Jihadis

by Leah Rosenberg

It may seem like a stretch to use terms like radical Islam and Naziism in the same sentence. But actually, the two are deeply intertwined. Radical Islam existed way before this generation and actually worked hand in hand with the Nazis during World War II. The key figure is the Mufti of Jerusalem.

Radical Islam

Also known as Islamic extremism, was defined by the British Government by a form of Islam that opposes “democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs” This term, however, has been criticized as many do not want it associated with non-violent Islamism. Groups today, that one would consider part of radical islam, groups like ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda etc.


National socialism, more commonly known as Nazism, is the ideology and practices associated with the Nazi Party. Nazi is an acronym for National Socialist German Workers Party. The Nazis aimed to unite all Germans living in historically German territory. As well as to gain more land for Germany and exclude those who they deemed aliens or ‘inferior’ race. Germany wanted to be a world power and own territories, like that of the United Kingdom and France.  

Relations Between Islam and Nazism

The Nazis and the Islam leaders shared enemies and values. Nazism, which is still around today with Islam share an admiration for Hitler. Even Hitler was noted saying that “we were jointly fighting the Jews” and that “he himself would not rest until the last Jew had left Germany.”

It is said that today the Islam extremists learnt from Nazi Germany how to install into the youth their ideas and beliefs. The Islamists read and saw how the Nazi youth groups were led and how they were taught. This is how today they are teaching their children hate and intolerance.  

The Mufti of Jerusalem

Amin Al-Husseini was the Mufti of Jerusalem during the time Hitler was in power. The Mufti, a Palestinian Arab Nationalist and Muslim Leader. He opposed the British, this led to many Arab riots. In 1937, evading an arrest warrant he fled Palestine, he went to Lebanon, then to Iraq and then settling in Nazi Germany.

He helped Germany with propaganda and recruiting Muslims for the German Army. He met with Hitler and requested support for an Arab Independent State. Al-Husseini also requested that Hitler should oppose the establishment of any kind of Jewish State. Al-Husseini was eventually sidelined by the Palestinian Liberation Organization, losing most of his political influence. He died in Beirut, Lebanon in 1974.

Arab Incitement
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