NORTH ON FIRE: Did Hezbollah Just Preempt An Israeli Invasion Of Lebanon?

by David Mark

In most situations, the constant missile fire from Hezbollah that started on October 8th would have already been a casus belli. However, the Gaza war and the bad wintry conditions have kept Israel from annihilating Hezbollah. This has amounted to the Northern area of Israel, essentially being turned into a Hezbollah buffer zone, with tens of thousands of residents fleeing South.

The country has been waiting for a sort of trigger event that would finally push Israel into a full scale attack on Hezbollah. The raging fires across from the North last night will be seen as the final straw. This is not to say the IDF will be sent in tomorrow, but a full scale war is now coming and there is no amount of “diplomacy” that will stop it. 

Fires In The North Are Hezbollah’s Preemptive Strike

Hezbollah has understood that a full scale Israeli invasion is coming for months. Instead of waiting for Israel to take the fight to them, the Iranian proxy upped the game and not only fired more ATGMs, rockets, and UAVs, but did so with the intent of pushing Israel back even farther by setting an enormous blaze across the Golan and Galil.

In fact, in Nasrallah’s latest speech, he warned Israel of surprises that were coming. This very well could have been it.

Not only has this attack made the need for Israel to finish off Hezbollah imperative, it closes out any possibility that Israel would agree to some sort of long term ceasefire with Hamas. An overwhelming majority of Israeli support a full scale war with Hezbollah and a complete and total victory over Hamas and its civilian devotees in Gaza. The question is, does Israel’s leadership have the capabilities to lead the country to lasting victory against all of its enemies?

Bibi’s focus on playing games with his adversaries, while accepting an invitation to speak to the congress in America instead of initiating a complete eradication of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah does not inspire hope that he truly understands the existential crisis Israel is now in.

No amount of verbal support from the USA will help prevent Hezbollah rockets from destroying the North. Only the kind of leadership that is ready to wipe out Israel’s enemies once and for all can get the job done. Perhaps last night’s attack will push Netanyahu to finally order the attack the IDF has been preparing for.

I pray it does.

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