WATCH: Hezbollah Sets Kiryat Shmona On Fire

by Micha Gefen

While Biden tries to force Israel into surrendering to Hamas, Hezbollah continues to attack Israel’s North with constant rocket fire.

Yesterday and today, Hezbollah rockets set thousands of dunam ablaze from the Golan Heights to Nahariya. Kiryat Shmona suffered direct impacts, burning down forests and houses. In Nahariya, a Hezbollah suicide drone evaded Israel’s air defenses and crashed into the city, starting a fire.

Joe Biden’s claim that somehow his plan will bring a lasting peace to the region is delusional. Since the plan was announced, Hezbollah has only ratcheted up the attacks on Northern Israel.

Most observers believe that a full scale war between Hezbollah and Israel is set to break out in the next few weeks.

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