The World is Praying You Don’t See This 3 Minute Video on Jew-Hatred

by Leah Rosenberg

The world really doesn’t want the truth out there. It destroys everything they believe about the Gaza war and the “Palestinian” narrative.

The World Just Got a Taste of the Truth

Here is the thing about Jew-hatred. As Hillel Fuld so perfectly explained in just a few minutes, people hate the Jewish people just because. There is no specific reason. In every generation and with each new situation, the world gives a reason. And that helps no one. It just perpetuates Jew-hatred. And now, with the just war that Israel is fighting against Hamas and the many who are not innocent in Gaza, the world claims that this is why they hate the Jews. But that is a lie and a coverup.

And if you know that there is no specific reason, then it destroys the narrative of “innocent Palestinian Arabs” just wanting land of their own. We have seen that this is completely false. What they want is to murder Jews and destroy the Jewish state. And as was said in this video, we need to understand that point in order to protect ourselves, our land, and our country.

No more excuses. There is no reason that there are those who hate the people of Israel. We represent morality and good. We bring G-d into this world. Claiming that there is a reason justifies the Jew-haters beliefs and actions. And what Jew-haters do and believe can never be justified.

All it takes is a few minutes to understand the truth.

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