Netanyahu on recent IDF actions: ‘We will strike at terrorism forcefully’

by David Mark

“We will settle accounts with those who attack Israeli civilians and soldiers,” the prime minister said.

(JNS) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday promised a firm response to terrorism following the previous day’s rocket barrage from the Gaza Strip and an IDF raid that encountered gunfire in Nablus.

“We have a clear policy: To strike at terrorism forcefully and to deepen our roots in our land,” Netanyahu said during remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting.

“In response to the firing of rockets at our territory, IDF fighter jets attacked Hamas terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip this morning,” he added.

Fighter jets struck a Hamas arms manufacturing facility in central Gaza as well as a military compound in the northern Strip used to store naval weapons, according to the military.

Netanyahu also referred to the raid in Nablus in Samaria that targeted three terrorists and came under fire from additional terrorists. “These terrorists shot and murdered St.-Sgt. Ido Baruch last October and they were about to carry out additional attacks against us,” he said.

“We always say that we will settle accounts with those who attack Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers, and we have done so again. I would like to commend the ISA [Israel Security Agency, or Shin Bet] and IDF Intelligence for the precise intelligence, and to thank the soldiers who acted with heroism and confidence under fire.”

At least 10 Palestinians were killed when Israel Defense Forces fighters were attacked by gunmen after surrounding a building in the kasbah/Old City in the center of Palestinian Authority-run Nablus, or Shechem, on Wednesday.

“We will continue to take strong action on all fronts, near and far, in order to thwart our enemies’ efforts to attack us. Whoever tries to harm us will pay the price,” Netanyahu said.

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