Lifelong Jewish Democrats are voting for President Trump

by Leah Rosenberg

Something is changing. Jewish Democrats are voting for Donald Trump in the upcoming elections. People are starting to wake up.

Jewish Democrats for Trump

Many love to hate President Trump. But when they stop to think about it and use their brains, they may realize that Trump has done a lot of good for the world and the Jewish people. Letting go of what they think they’re supposed to believe can allow them to actually make their own informed decisions. There has been a movement of Jewish Democrats who have decided to vote for Trump in the upcoming elections. They realize that Joe Biden would be terrible for America, for the Jewish people, and for Israel.

It is not just that these Jews are quasi-Democrats. They were hardcore Democrats. And they have woken up to the truth.

Placating the Enemy

Enough of appeasing enemies like Iran. Enough of allowing antisemites a place in office in the Democratic party. Even those who are not Jewish should wake up to this call. Anyone who wants to eradicate hate from the White House should follow what these lifelong Democrats have decided to do.

Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East, and much of the Democratic party has chosen to throw Israel under the bus. Trump has been the strongest friend to Israel. He has stood strong against the enemies of the Western world. He refuses to appease those who hate – whether it is Jew-hatred, Christian persecution, or anything else.

We need four more years of that in the White House. The alternative will be detrimental to America and the entire world.

BDS Exposed
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