How one institution responded to the end of quarantine for overseas students

by Phil Schneider

The Hesder Yeshiva in Gush Etzion is known for it’s unparalleled Talmudic scholarship, proficiency in Bible study, and general honesty in all spiritual endeavors. But, a special emotional day transpired a short while ago in the midst of the Corona epidemic that must be noted.

Overseas students are allowed to come to Israel to study – with one condition. They must quarantine for 2 weeks before entering the Study Halls. This of course is not the most enjoyable experience. While everybody else has already begun to study, they are left to zoom away and basically stay indoors for 2 weeks straight. But, when they were finally allowed out and into the Study Halls of the Yeshiva, these young men were danced to by the leaders of the Yeshiva. What a fantastic way to celebrate the study of the Holy Bible and Talmud.

One of the casualties of the corona epidemic has been schools of Higher Learning. Universities around the world have not opened their doors, or have barely opened their doors. But, Yeshivas are unique institutions that don’t merely teach through passing on information. They thrive on the personal bonds between the teachers ad the students. Rabbis are much more than teachers. They are life mentors that very often continue to keep their bonds with the students for decades afterwards.

This particular Yeshiva is also known for it’s stringent following of all rules that the Ministry of Health has stipulated. The lucky students of this year will never forget their welcome by their Yeshiva.

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