Bahrain Joins UAE-Israel Peace Deal, While “Palestinians” Reject Peace

by Micha Gefen

Nothing will make the “Palestinians” happier right now to be able to wake up from this nightmare they are living through. Not only has the UAE made peace with Israel, now Bahrain appears set to be joining the burgeoning Abraham Accords.

But this is not nightmare. This is reality and reality is telling the “Palestinians” that their narrative is collapsing. After all, they keep claiming that there won’t be peace in the Middle East until their grievances are solved, but it appears the Gulf States disagree.

In fact, what the UAE and Bahrain are saying (and Oman and Saudi Arabia as well) is that they are tired of paying homage to a false narrative they have been dragged into supporting to the now defunct pan-Arab movement.

These Gulf states have little similarities to the “Palestinian” Arabs in the Levant. The Gulf countries are ruled by clans that have been in that area for centuries, if not more. While the “Palestinian” Arabs are an amalgamation of migrant workers who moved the former Ottoman region about 120 years ago. Sure, there are villages in Judea and Samaria that are older, but most these can be traced to Jewish villages that were forcibly converted by those Muslims arriving in the Land of Israel more than 1300 years ago.

Essentially, the “Palestinians” have little leverage anymore. Their leadership knows it and so does the Western world.

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