President Trump makes it a high priority to protect religious freedom

by Phil Schneider

President Trump announced that more than 80% of the world population is filled with religious persecution. He correctly noted that that statistic is staggering and hard to believe. But indeed, it does make sense. China is home to around 1/3 of the world population. Another million people live in India and nearby. These are all areas that do not have free religious freedom – especially for Christians.

Religious Persecution in the Middle East

The main group that is persecuted in the Middle East may not be the Christians. It could very well be that more Muslim groups are persecuted by rival Muslim groups in the Middle East. The Middle East is simply a bad place to be if someone is religious and would like to serve a different religion than the dominant religion of the ruling party.

Of course, there is one exception – the State of Israel. In Israel, every Jew, Arab, Christian, and Druze person is free to serve as they see fit. There is no place that is as free for a Muslim in the Middle East than in Israel. One of the reasons that so many Arabs stay in the State of Israel is because they have so much freedom to observe their religion freely. But in addition, to freedom of religion, there is also excellent medical care. In general, the best way to know if a country has many freedoms is to see whether they have positive or negative immigration. Religious persecution is indeed a major issue and President Trump should be lauded for placing it at the top of his priority list.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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