Frightening rise in college campus antisemitism across America

by Leah Rosenberg

College campus antisemitism is a real thing. It is a scary thing. For teenagers entering their college years, they do not want to fear being assaulted.

College Campus Antisemitism

College should be an exciting time. It should be a time where students of all different backgrounds sit in class together and learn. It should be a time where students of all different backgrounds enjoy their time.

But college campus antisemitism is stopping that from happening. Maybe some can enjoy their college years, but for Jewish students, they now have to fear their college years. Statistics show that antisemitism on college campuses in America has risen by 70% in just the past year. That is a terrifying number!

Don’t Ignore it

The director of communications for NGO Monitor said that to start off, we must talk about the antisemitism taking place throughout campuses across America. We cannot ignore it.

It is also important to note that anti-Zionism IS antisemitism! There is no difference. Anti-Zionism is just a modern way to demonize the Jewish people. Antisemites try to use the state of Israel to shield their hatred for Jews. They act as if they do not hate the Jewish people, just the Jewish homeland. The logic makes no sense. Antisemitism is antisemitism, no matter what form it portrays itself as. And we must fight against it!

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