Check out the unity on an Israeli bus as the crowd comes together in song

by Chaya Cikk

The amazing unity that these people have on this Israeli bus. When they all know the same song. This truly is something quite special to see. All these people from different backgrounds coming together in song and dance.


People come together for so mean different reasons. For example, in sadness when someone passes away, or in celebration when someone gets married. Maybe your family comes together for a birthday or graduation. However, on this bus ride, they are brought together by a song.

Additionally, this is a song with the word Salem in it, meaning peace. We know there is fighting going on in the world, and a lot of hate between people. But the only thing we ask for is peace. Especially, in Israel, where neighboring countries do not approve of its existence.

When we are united we are like one person. It doesn’t matter where you are from or whether you are more religious or less religious or left-wing or right-wing. We were all in this world together, so let’s come together as one and as the song says ‘Peace will come upon us’.

Israeli Bus

Many people feel that public transportation in Israel isn’t so great. But this video says otherwise. This video shows everyone coming together to sing a song of peace. Here, there are many different people with different backgrounds traveling and everyone is joining in. This must have been such a fun bus ride with all the dancing and singing. This is a song that is well-known across many Jewish communities.


Peace will come upon us, yet.
And upon everyone.
Upon us and upon the whole world.

Finally, it is amazing the things you can accomplish when you come together as a nation. The power of unity is unbelievable. As it says in the song Peace will come upon us.


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