The interview that proves anti-zionism is antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

Anti-zionism is antisemitism. There really is no argument to prove otherwise. But there most definitely is research to show the truth!

Anti-Zionism IS Antisemitism!

Why do people claim that anti-zionism is not antisemitism? It is so clear that it is. They are only fooling themselves. Let’s be honest here. If you are singling out the state of Israel and using a double standard against the one and only Jewish state, that is antisemitic. There is no question.

Singling out Israel happens at the United Nations – constantly. It happens on college campuses. It happens on the media. And the argument often times is, “But I am allowed to criticize the government.” Well, yes, of course! But claiming Israel has no right to its land or that they oppress Palestinian Arabs is not just criticizing certain government policies; it is fabricating the truth. Saying that Israel is a terrorist state and that Hamas is not is just absurd. And throughout all the ridiculous claims, there are those who still have the tenacity to say, “I am not an antisemite. I am just against Israel.”

Mark Regev on Anti-Zionism

The Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom, Mark Regev, explains how research and statistics also hold that theory to be the truth. He said, “The same people who deny my people’s rights to self-determination, champion everyone else’s…but when you champion national self-determination for everyone except for the Jews, what’s that all about?” Discriminating against the Jewish people’s right to their own homeland and calling it anti-zionism but claiming it is not antisemitism is nonsensical. It is hypocritical. People need to be honest and call a spade a spade.

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