University dean left speechless by a 17 year old girl

by Leah Rosenberg

Antisemitism on college campuses throughout America is getting out of hand. Students are attacked, whether verbally or physically, for supporting Israel.

Anti-Zionism IS Antisemitism

This 17 year old girl gave a powerful speech against college campus antisemitism. And she addresses a major issue: Hatred of Israel. Much of the world likes to claim that they are allowed to hate Israel without being antisemitic. But is that really true?

Israel and the Jews are one. Israel is the Jewish homeland. Hating the one democracy in the Middle East, the one Jewish state in the world, is so obviously antisemitic. It is absurd that anyone would claim they could be an anti-Zionist and not be considered an antisemite.

One of the arguments that these antisemites often make is that they are allowed to criticize the Israeli government. That is true! Israelis are the first to say that. Having opinions is allowed. But what these antisemitic, anti-Zionists do goes far beyond that. They do not just criticize, they hate. They do not just share opinions, they share lies.

Lies about the Jews and Israel

All the claims against Israel are big lies. The claims that Israel mistreats Arabs and minorities – lies. The claims that Israel only allows Jews to be citizens – lies.

There is no apartheid in Israel. You can see it with your own eyes how Jews and Arabs live side by side.

And the thing is, many who spread all these false ideas about Israel know that they are just that – false. But they do it because they hate the Jews and want the rest of the world to hate as well.

Stop hating Israel. Stop hating Jews. Let Jewish students on college campuses be able to participate and share their views without hostility in return. Everyone deserves respect on college campuses and in the world at large.

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