Israeli Group Proves “Apartheid” Accusations False

by Phil Schneider

Is Israel an apartheid state? The question is actually quite revolting. But since it is so often claimed, it must be debunked in multiple ways. Israel is a country that is integrated for the Arab minorities in a hundred different ways. There is only one thing that Arabs are treated differently about than Jews – terrorism. Actually, the one or two Jews in the entire country who are accused of committing acts of terror against Arabs are treated the same as Arab terrorists. So, in truth, there is nothing that separates Arabs from Jews who are citizens of the State of Israel.

Let’s analyze this a bit. All street signs, train signs, bus stops, and governmental offices provide information in Hebrew, English, and Arabic. Arabs are found in prominent positions throughout all branches of the Israeli government. In the legislative and judicial branches of the Israeli government, Arabs serve in the highest levels of both on powerful committees and the Supreme Court. Perhaps the best proof of all that Israeli Arabs have so much freedom is the fact that an Israeli Supreme Court judge who is an Arab locked away the Jewish President of Israel in prison. Could this happen in an apartheid state?

But the real elephant in the room is the fact that Israeli Arabs enjoy a better way of life than Arabs in nearly any country in the Middle East or Europe. The medical care of Arabs is superb. And, yes, Jewish and Arab doctors serve together, rarely ever having an issue between them. The span of life of Arabs in Israel is longer than anywhere else in the Middle East and the quality of life is better too. That is why so many stay. Israelis know this. They interact with Arabs often and the Arabs will say so.

But, the nationalistic aspirations of many Arabs to drive the Jews into the sea still remains. So, Israel lives a dual life. At once, Israel takes good care of it’s Arab minorities, but also needs to be aware of the on-going threat to it’s very existence by the hostile parts of the population.

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