PA Claims Israel Is “Judaizing” The Temple Mount

by Micha Gefen

Although the Jordanian Waqf controls the Temple Mount, the PA claims it is really the Jews who are taking it over. Keep in mind, Jews are not allowed to pray there and have very little times in the day when they are able to ascend the Temple Mount.

The PA uses anti-Jewish propaganda in regards to the Temple Mount in order to try to sow anger in “Palestinian” Arabs. This in old trick that was perfected during the time of the British Mandate when Hitler friend and Jew hater Amin al-Husseini the Mufti of Jerusalem claimed the Jews were going to destroy Al Aqsa and build the the Third Temple. This sparked mass riots through the British Colony resulting in 100s of Jewish deaths.

When Prime Minister Sharon visited the Temple Mount, the PA used it as a pretext to jump start the Second Intifada.

While it is true that more and more Jews are ascending the Temple Mount than ever before, this right is safeguarded in the Oslo Accords as well as the future Trump peace plan.

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