VP Mike Pence Takes Out Fake News Media Over Coronavirus

by Phil Schneider

Vice President Pence is now in an unprecedented position for a Vice President. He is not merely a figurehead who was chosen in order to help shore up the vote with the religious right for candidate Trump. He is an active member of the administration – especially where a level-headed person is necessary in order to keep some proportion in these turbulent times.

Yes, the stock market is absolutely plummeting. The economy is taking a huge hit and will need time to recover. But, middle America understands that this has very little to do with Presidential decisions. This – once in a few generations – super pandemic would bring down the economy temporarily no matter who was in the Oval Office.

The real test will come when the United States begins the recovery after this horrible calamity. That is where the Federal government has the ability to make a major impact via all kinds of stimulus packages to small and large businesses. Or, they will stand aside and let capitalism work things out. Most of America is looking for a major move from the US government to boost things back to where they used to be. That will be the ultimate test that may determine if Donald Trump wins reelection or not. In the end, Vice President Pence may play a critical role in whether or not President Trump gets reelected. But it may be more about the response post-Corona than during Corona.

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