CORONA CRISIS: Canadian Deep State Sneaking Migrants Over The Border Despite Closure

by David Mark

Despite the national closure Canadian PM Trudeau placed on the country, Rebel Media found out that Canadian Mounties were still letting illegal migrants into the country. While illegal migrants have always been a problem for Western countries, in the midst of the corona pandemic they pose a serious health risk.

Rebel Media investigative journalist Keean Bexte went to find out just what was going on the NY-Canadian border and found an unbelievable scene. Canadian Mounties helping illegal migrants from corona stricken NY into Canada.

While it is clear most of the world is reeling from this pandemic it is unthinkable, that Canada would allow a movement of people from NY that are untested into the country.

The Deep State Always Uses A Crisis To Take Control

While there is no doubting the severity of the coronavirus in its ability to overwhelm healthcare systems, the idea that the crisis can be used and made worse by global powers and those seeking to undermine nationalist and populist leaders should not be lost on anyone.

For example, President Trump’s numbers have dropped significantly due to the exponential growth of the pandemic and the collapse of the stock market. Now, coronavirus is a threat and could kill many, but headlines creating panic can harm the US and other countries in a systemic way.

By blaming Trump and others for the crisis despite the fact that their actions may have already saved lives is part of the Deep State’s attack on those actually trying to lead.

On one hand this pandemic is very serious, but the fear being sowed by those with nefarious plans for humanity is much worst. After all, if the Canadian border and the Mexican borders are meant to be closed, then those in positions of power are meant to treat them that way.

In Israel the borders are completely closed. While coronavirus is spreading, the spread is slower than in most other countries. True, Gantz and company are incredulously trying to unseat Netanyahu in the middle of a crisis, but even they would not be dumb enough to change his corona defense game plan if they succeed in unseating him. The fear many have is that they will use the tools like phone surveillance Bibi has put in place to wage a war against Jewish patriots here in Israel.

The correlative relationships this pandemic has with other challenges facing the world and those leaders who have put their people’s needs first cannot be ignored.

Countries like Canada and other Western powers appear helpless in turning off the failed globalist policies of yesteryear and instead are prepared to allow their countries to enter precarious territory in regards to toying with systemic collapse.

Only authentic selfless leadership and a groundswell of populace change can ensure that national leaders rise up that care about their citizens more than the pipe dream of globalist utopia.

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