Col. Richard Kemp said something about the Gaza border riots that everyone needs to hear

by Leah Rosenberg

Col. Richard Kemp has once again stood up for Israel and the Jewish people. As so many criticize Israel, it sounds good to have a strong voice like his.

Who is Col. Richard Kemp?

Richard Kemp was the commander of British forces in Afghanistan. So he knows what war looks like. He knows what terrorism is and what it takes to protect and defend.

He might not be Jewish, but as he says, “I know right from wrong.” And that is what prompts Kemp to stand up for Israel.

Col. Richard Kemp on Israel

Col. Richard Kemp is a powerful voice for the state of Israel. When Israel faces such threatening battles and the world condemns Israel, Kemp sets everyone straight. He stands up for the facts. He stands up for morals. And when Kemp sees that the world is stepping on what’s actually right in this world and supporting lies, he will stand up against them. He will defend the truth, and he will defend Israel.

Kemp says, “Israel are allies of the West. We are on the same side. We’re fighting the same enemy. If I hear of an American soldier getting vilified in the media unfairly or a British soldier, I will also spring to their defense if I can. And it’s the same with Israel.”

The Media War

Kemp might not be on the front lines physically fighting with the IDF, but he is doing one of the most important jobs. He is defending Israel on the front lines of the international media. The headlines make people believe that Israel is shooting and harming innocent civilians at the Gaza border. They act as if the protestors are innocent and peaceful. But the reality is, that these protestors are terrorists. They send fire kites and balloons filled with explosives into Israel. And Richard Kemp knows the truth. But not only does he know the truth, he protects and defends it – even when so many don’t.

Israel thanks Col. Richard Kemp for his strong support!

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