Ben Shapiro left this Liberal completely speechless

by Leah Rosenberg

Ben Shapiro is the most sharp voice today in the realm of conservative voices today.  He is best when he is in a campus setting and he is attacked by students who think they can ridicule him in public.  This guy thought that he would try the race card.  He regretted it very quickly.


A very common refrain of anti-conservative voices is overuse of the word racist.  Nobody today wants to be called a racist.  So, without much thought, someone throws out the refrain of “racist” as if any strong conservative needs to prove their innocence first.

Of course, this is a result of arrogance of liberal and progressive voices.  In truth, there are many people today who have some racist tendencies.   But it is quite another thing to be labelled a racist.

Is Israel a Racist Country?

Just like Ben Shapiro was easily labelled a racist, the State of Israel is also habitually labelled racist.  Why?  Because it’s an anti-Israel tactic.

In truth, the main problem that Israel has is indeed a racist problem.  Specifically, the predominant Arab attitude towards Jews in the State of Israel is purely racist.  But, it is often overlooked.  Mass media barely questions Arab spokesman about their opinions on the Jewish people.  The truth is that most Arabs in Israel do have racist attitudes towards the Jewish people.  That is the main reason that Israel does not have anyone to work out a peaceful resolution with.

Political Correctness

It is not politically correct to say today, but racist attitudes abound today in the Arab world.  This is not a new phenomenon.  It goes back centuries and not much has changed in the modern era.  Israel has never figured out how to end the racist opinions against the Jewish people.  That is part of the root cause of the persistent attacks against Jewish communities.

So, the next time that one hears someone accuse another person of racism, odds are it is a knee-jerk anti-conservative or anti-Israel accusation.


Arab Incitement
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