1100 campers and staff came together to create this musical masterpiece

by Leah Rosenberg

Camp Moshava is a Jewish summer camp that educates about Zionism. This past summer, they created something spectacular for Israel’s 70th birthday.


Zionism is the idea of the Jewish people returning to live in their ancestral Homeland – Israel, the land that God gave to the Jewish people thousands of years ago.

Many Jewish schools and organizations try to teach and educate their students and participants with Zionism’s messages.

Camp Moshava is a Jewish sleep-away camp that teaches about Zionism and values a strong Zionistic background along with following the Torah. Returning home and yearning for the complete rebuilding of the land of Israel is something that is strongly felt at Moshava.

Because Moshava is so Zionistic, they wanted to do something to celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday. They organized something unbelievable – the perfect birthday present for Israel.

A Musical Mashup

This musical mashup is unlike anything you have ever heard before. To get 1100 campers and staff together in an organized way is no easy task. But when so many people value Israel and want to do something special for it, the impossible is made possible.

The songs they chose were perfect. They talked about hope, prayer, faith, and believing in God and miracles. These values are important to the Jewish people. And singing about these values makes them stay in the minds of the campers and staff. What a beautiful way to sing for Israel with the themes that the Jewish people hold so dearly.

This video is so fun and entertaining, it is worth watching more than once.

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