Joe Biden’s Recent Blunders Embarrassed America with No Return

by Leah Rosenberg

Joe Biden is a very experienced American politician who spent decades in Congress. He has vast experience and justifiably built up a reputation of being fast-speaking and loose with his feelings. Today, Biden is no longer fast speaking nor does he express his feelings much anymore. If he were diagnosed by any qualified medical professional, he would probably be diagnosed as being in the early stages of mental decline. Does this mean that he is unfit to run the United States? Yes. But is he actually running the United States today? Probably not.

Who is making the decisions in the United States today? Biden claimed that he speaks with Barack Obama every day. That should give us a strong indication of how much sway the ex-President still has on his former Vice President. But it is the former staff members of the Obama administration that largely represent the Obama ideology that dominate much of the policy decisions that are being taken now.

The more interesting question is how long Joe Biden will hold on until he inevitably walks away. Then, Kamala Harris will probably step into very small shoes that Joe Biden fills today, and Barack Obama’s role may even grow larger. The United States is in a rare situation where both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party are largely dominated by single personalities – Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is now extremely powerful within the right wing, but the right wing is not in power in Congress or the Oval Office today. Trump’s main impact is being felt today on the Supreme Court with his three excellent young choices. Obama is extremely powerful though throughout the White House and Congress. In the coming years, there is a sore need for more moderating voices within the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. Even if the next Republican candidates are more populist and less conservative – anybody will bring some calm to the Trump-led Republican party. Puppet presidents are not a blessing. The country needs candidates that can lead and not be led by their predecessors due to cognitive decline.

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