The Hypocrisy of Muslim Israel-Haters Exposed in One Short Video Clip

by Leah Rosenberg

What these Muslim Israel-Haters are shouting in front of the outer wall of the Temple Mount is quite ironic.

The Hypocrisy of Muslim Israel-Haters

These Israel-haters, and all Israel-haters, need to learn some history. This video may be short, but it says a lot. These Muslims are screaming to save Jerusalem and the Temple Mount from the Jews, right next to the outer wall of the Temple Mount. What is the Temple Mount? The holiest site in Judaism; the place where both Temples were built thousands of years ago. This outer wall is one of the most historic Jewish places in the world which proves the Jewish connection to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Archaeology has proven what the Bible says. We are talking about a connection that existed for thousands of years before Islam was even invented by Muhammad in the 7th century.

For anyone who knows history, it is absolutely insane the way Muslims claim that Jerusalem belongs to them when their religion did not even exist yet when Jerusalem became the capital of Israel.

And somehow, the world listens to the false claims of the Muslims.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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