History is Made as First Emirate Student Comes to Study in Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

The Abraham Accords has shown positive results for Israel and the UAE. The first Emirate student has come to study at IDC!

Emirate Student Studies Political Science in Israel

It’s not everyday that you have an Emirate student coming to Israel to study – because this is the first time in history that it has happened! Mansoor Bin Shamekh Al Marzooqi is an Emirate student who will be studying political science at IDC Herzliyah college. Who would have thought this would happen? President Trump deserves a thank you for being G-d’s messenger in bringing about so many peace deals between Israel and Arab countries!

Yes, there are challenges right now in Israel. The government may currently be unstable, and there are many other daily challenges. But as Jews, we cannot ignore when something positive happens. We are told by our sages in Ethics of the Fathers to have a “good eye.” And that means seeing the blessings that surround us; realizing that there is good even when many things feel bad.

So, after all the Middle East has been through and goes through, Israel is slowly normalizing ties with many Arab countries. Those ties allow for the sharing of education; for students to study abroad.

And of course, the story of how Mansoor came to study in Israel is a story of Divine Intervention! Nothing is by chance.

It is a story like this one that gives hope for a brighter future; a future where the Arab world proudly integrates with the Jewish world. Maybe Mansoor is leading the way for more Emirates to study in Israel!

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