Can Israel Turn The Tables On Iran In Lebanon?

by Micha Gefen

With all the focus on the continuing retreat of American forces from the Middle East, something else is happening that may be just as big. Lebanon is beginning to turn on its Iranian masters.

Lebanon has long been seen as a the staging ground for the coming war against Israel, after all Hezbollah, the Iranian backed terror organization has used its outsized power to nearly hold the country hostage. It may seem far fetched, but things may be about to change.

Ever since the massive explosion in Beirut a few months ago, Lebanese are beginning voice open opposition against Hezbollah’s use of Lebanon to attack Israel. Normal Lebanese are beginning to ask why Hezbollah needs to use Lebanon to store massive armaments to attack Israel. After all, every few years it is Hezbollah that triggers a military response from Israel. This is because Iran has essentially stolen Lebanon from its citizens.

Israel may or may not have the right moves to pry Lebanon from Iran’s clutches, but it may not need to. The citizens of Israel’s Northern neighbor may do it for them.

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