Joe Biden’s Appearance on The Tonight Show Will Make Anyone Cringe

by Phil Schneider

Joe Biden could have spent most of his Presidency doing close to nothing, and he could probably have had a very successful rating. But he made the decision to follow his advisors – probably Barack Obama’s advisors – and proceeded to embark on one of the most irresponsible spending packages that has placed the American economy into a negative whirlwind. The coronavirus pandemic was the excuse, but the Democrat Party has continued it’s long-standing tradition of spending and spending, and expanding the government’s tentacles in yet another historic level.

The mid-term elections that are coming up in less than a year will probably show to what extent the Democrat Party has gone off the deep end with their spending policies. What was once a party that was focused on liberal values and championing the rights of minorities has morphed into a radical progressive party that is weakening the weaker elements of American society instead of strengthening them. It is a party that stands for unbridled opening of the borders in order to create a permanent underclass that will vote for Democrats.

Their is probably no more problematic policy than the open borders policy of the Democrat Party. It is not liberal values that drives the Democrat Party, but power. That is not just a negative phenomenon, but a natural phenomenon. All political parties naturally are power-oriented. But in a reasonable setting, one party does not institute policies that force their will for generations on the opposition. That is what is going on now. But in a matter of one year, the American people will stand up and stop the madness of a puppet Presidency that is instituting radical policies that are destroying America.

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