Vile London Gang Carries Off 10-Year-Old-Jewish Boy Walking Back from School

by Leah Rosenberg

This young Jewish boy was harassed, and it was not the first racial attack by this gang! They must be caught and stopped!

London Gang Attacks Young Jewish Boy

This is absolutely terrifying. How can something like this happen? And it was not the middle of the night! It should not be that a young Jewish boy needs to fear for his life walking back from school. It should not be that a mother has to fear for her children to walk home by themselves. And it is not only children who have been targeted. Antisemitism in London has been horrendous.

A pregnant woman was attacked in broad daylight. The Israeli ambassador to Britain was threatened. There have been stabbing attacks, and more.

This London gang who harassed this young boy must be held accountable. Although thank G-d the boy sustained no physical injuries, this situation was traumatizing and distressing. Hopefully, the police will help stop these attacks.

We can only pray they will…

Col. Kemp

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