How Curious George Helped a Jewish Couple Escape from the Nazis

by Leah Rosenberg

Curios George was created by a German-Jewish couple in Paris. Their creation helped save them from the horrors of the Holocaust.

The Untold Curious George Story

Much of the world knows what the books of Curious George are. People recognize pictures of the mischievous monkey’s face and the man with the yellow hat. But many people do not know the unbelievable story behind its creators. Many do not even know that the creators were Jewish!

This video truly relates a miraculous and amazing story. G-d gave this Jewish couple talents that ultimately saved them from the Nazis and the Holocaust. Hans and Margret Rey escaped Paris with barely anything on them. But what they made sure to have with them were their manuscripts of what would later become one of the most beloved children’s series throughout the world. It was important to them, and they probably had no idea it would save them.

The Reys’ creativity literally saved them from death. They didn’t know that their manuscripts would become famous worldwide one day. They probably had hopes and dreams, but at the end of the day, they were just doing what they loved to do: Illustrate and write. Hans and Margret Rey have quite the unique story. More of the world should know about the roots of Curious George and how it almost didn’t make it out of war-torn Europe.

And now, their books have sold over 75 million copies. The beloved story has been translated into 19 languages! They have truly made an impact.

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