Joe Biden’s Mind Is Rapidly Deteriorating – What’s Next?

by Gavriel Dan

President Biden’s recent town hall event hosted by CNN has many people wondering if Joe Biden’s mental faculties are in rapid decline.

While one can spend most of the day dissecting the bizarre moments in this town hall, it is a better use of tie to try to figure out how America will drag itself out of this mess. The mess being a president who is having rapid cognitive decline and a vice president who is so unqualified to take over – there maybe for the first time in modern American history a real threat to the republic.

The surprising thing is that a good portion of the American public could see that Biden’s mental health was a serious issue during the Presidential campaign. However, the main stream media covered up Biden’s mental decline until now when it has become impossible anymore.

So what will happen?

China is sure to take advantage of this near leaderless situation but attempting to take Taiwan or at least put tremendous pressure on it to capitulate. This will challenge US hegemony in the region which will result in Biden pulling back. So is America finished? Maybe not, but it certainly seems like the USA is about to see some serious turbulence.

Col. Kemp

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