Muslim Children Pretend to Shoot at Jews on the Temple Mount

by Leah Rosenberg

So is the Temple Mount actually holy to Muslims? Because they don’t treat it that way, and they definitely don’t teach their children to.

Muslim Children Acting Violently on Temple Mount

This is exactly how you teach children to grow up to be terrorists and murder. And this is, sadly, how many Muslim children grow up. And then there is another issue. The Muslims claim that the Temple Mount is holy to them. If it is so holy, how do the Muslim parents allow their children to visit this holy site with guns, making a game of shooting at Jews? Would these parents allow these kids to play with toy guns in a mosque? There is a big disconnect between the narrative that the Temple Mount is Islam’s third holiest site and the way the Muslims actually act on the Temple Mount – toy guns, playing soccer, snow ball fights in the winter, and more. You would never see Jews acting this way at their holy site because it is actually holy to them. They treat it with respect. And you also wouldn’t see Jews acting this way because they don’t teach their children to hate and shoot toy guns at Muslims.  

What a difference in the two cultures…

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