Jewish Conservative Female Journalist Banned from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

by Avi Abelow

Laura Loomer is an independent investigative journalist who was one of the first people to actively expose the antisemitism in the women’s march, as well as actively expose the growing sharia/jihadi influence in US politics. This is only the tip of the iceberg of her activities.

However, Loomer has now been banned on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because of her views. She is not a terrorist or a promote of hate. She is a journalist and an activist, who has been called a nazi by her opponents, while it is she who has exposed antisemitism on the left.. Unfortunately, these social media platforms are not interested in her voice, because they have banned her, taking away her constitutional right to free speech. This is very wrong and very scary. These are US companies shutting down free speech. This should worry us all because social media platforms are de-platforming people today based on disagreeing with their ideologies while allowing true haters to remain on the platform.

Laura Loomer Speaks Out

“I just can’t believe that I am watching my life’s work be ripped away from me. I can’t believe that these 2 men (Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook/Instagram) have the power to make me disappear so that someday, nobody will ever know about how much I did for President Trump and America.”

“I can’t believe that as a Jew I am branded as a Nazi.”

“This is so wrong. Our representatives need to do something about this.
This is why all of us must work to protect our free speech. This is much more than being banned from Facebook and Twitter. It’s about control. The left wants to control all of you. So don’t let them tell you that it’s ok to ban people. Today it’s Facebook. Tomorrow it’s your bank.”

Loomer issued the following comment after she was permanently banned on Twitter back in November 2018 after she tweeted about Ilhan Omar

“Isn’t it ironic how the twitter moment used to celebrate ‘women, LGBTQ, and minorities’ is a picture of Ilhan Omar? Ilhan is pro-Sharia Ilhan is pro FGM. Under Sharia homosexuals are oppressed and killed. Women are abused and forced to wear the hijab. Ilhan is anti-Jewish,” said Loomer, 25.

“Free speech is under attack by the Left and big tech companies in this country,” said Loomer, adding, “My haters are celebrating today, and they are saying this is the end of my career, but I want everyone to know I’m just getting started. Everyone who knows me knows I don’t back down.”

Online Reaction to the Banning of Accounts

Bad Twitter Policy

Silence is Not an Option

We cannot remain silent. We must all make our voices heard on this matter. We have been experiencing this censorship for a few years already. It all started when we had the following image removed from our facebook page, and then our fb account of over 500,000 followers shut down! So we have been very aware of the creeping ideological crackdown on social media for years. Unfortunately, the crackdown is still just beginning, hence, we must make our voices heard.

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