Jihadis are making their way into U.S. politics

by Leah Rosenberg

How can American citizens allow Muslim extremists to make their way into U.S. politics? If they don’t support American values, they should be barred.

Rashida Tlaib in U.S. Politics

Rashida Tlaib is a “Palestinian” congressional candidate in Michigan. There are many problems with Tlaib running for congress. One major problem is that she won’t admit that Hamas is a terrorist organization. If she can’t admit that, she clearly supports the obliteration of Israel. Because that is Hamas’s goal.

U.S. politics cannot be filled with hatred toward Israel. Israel and the United States are strong allies. Anyone who is against that friendship should be stopped from winning elections.

Then there is Ilhan Omar. She is a Somalian congressional candidate in Minnesota. She married her brother so that her brother could get a green card. That is a violation of American law. Firstly, it is immigration fraud. That is a crime. Secondly, incest is illegal in the U.S. Is that the type of person Americans want in congress?

Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer is a big supporter of Israel. She tries to call out Tlaib as well as others for their stance on major issues in the U.S. and abroad. She fights them with the facts. But they have no answers for her.

Loomer points out that Rashida Tlaim obviously identifies with being a Muslim first and NOT an American. How can someone like that be put into congress?

Loomer said, “When I asked her if she respects people and she believes that all people have a right to be happy and if she loves all people – I asked her if she loves Israelis, and she wouldn’t answer the question.”

There is enough anti-Semitism and anti-Israel talk in British politics. Does it have to enter the U.S. as well?

What is happening to the United States? Whatever it is, it must be stopped.

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