700 leaders of Christian and tribal communities in South Africa rally to support Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Hundreds and hundreds of Christian and tribal community leaders came together to support Israel. Check out their rally here!

Standing up for Israel in South Africa

These leaders who came together to rally for Israel amounted to 700! They sang a famous Israeli song called “Hevenu Shalom Aleichem.” The leaders represented 34 million followers from all around South Africa. Millions and millions of people were represented by their leaders at a pro-Israel rally. That is huge!

It is so important for people to see how many stand together with Israel. It’s not about being Jewish. A person does not have to be a Jew to support Israel. It’s just about defending what’s right and moral. And that is Israel. These 700 leaders understand that.

In a world where so many don’t support Israel, you have to share it when people do.

How to Support Israel

There are different ways to support the one Jewish State. Here are some ideas:

(1) Going to pro-Israel rallies.
(2) Defending Israel with the facts in conversation.
(3) Hanging an Israeli flag somewhere visible.
(4) Buying Israeli products.
(5) Praying for peace in Israel.
(6) Sharing pro-Israel videos and news articles.
(7) Visiting Israel.

Supporting Israel can be done in so many ways.

When the World Doesn’t Support Israel

When the world criticizes Israel to no end and does not condemn the terrorists, they are supporting those terrorists.

Israel is not perfect. No one says it is. Israel’s own leaders know it’s not. But Israel is a democracy. And they strive to be better and improve. Israel’s enemies’ goals are to murder and destroy. Do you see the difference?

Israel is surrounded by people who want it obliterated. All Israel wants is to live in peace with its neighbors.

It’s true. Israel is not a perfect country. But is your country?

How will you choose to defend Israel today?



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