What supporting Israel from abroad should really sound like – Dennis Prager

by Avi Abelow

Dennis Prager gave one of the most inspiring speeches about Israel at the Israeli American Council event.


Dennis Prager is an outspoken supporter of Israel. He is an American nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show host and writer. He created PragerU, an American non-profit organization that creates videos on various political, economic, and philosophical topics from a conservative perspective.

The Prime Minister Doesn’t Matter

Prager gives a clear message of what support for Israel looks like for any non-Israeli. As an American, Prager believes that the Prime Minister of Israel is irrelevant. One should support Israel because it’s Israel. Not because a Prime Minister is right wing or left wing. As Prager states so eloquently “I support Israel, not Prime Ministers.” He agrees that he doesn’t support every policy of any given Israeli government or Prime Minister, but that his support does not and should not hinge on any of that.

Support Israel

Many American Jews need to hear Prager’s message. Instead of supporting Israel, many left-wing Jews spend their time critiquing Israel and hinging their support on whether the government follows through with policies that they agree with.

Prager deals with this approach head-on. “I live in the freedom and security of the United States. Who the hell am I to tell Israelis how to vote? I support Israel if it’s a right-wing PM , I support Israel if its a left-wing PM. If you want to critique Israel then move to Israel and make aliya. But from the United States give support to Israel.”

The Importance of Supporting Israel

Prager understands what many people today do not want to accept. The State of Israel is the representative of the Jewish people on the world stage. One can not separate the two. He, therefore, understands why so much of the world focuses on Israel. He explains this using Jewish tradition and Jewish history. And it all starts with his acceptance of the existence of G-d and how G-d plays a central element in the existence of the Jewish people.

In Every Generation

“I don’t understand Jewish history without the G-d element in it. Every Passover Jews say the famous passage “In every generation, somebody arises to annihilate the Jewish people.”

“In this generation its Iran, in the last generation it was the Nazis. This is not paranoid, this is fact. Out of all the countries on earth, there is only one targeted for annihilation, the only Jewish country in the world.”

“It is a challenge for Jews to understand why this is. Those who hate us don’t (just) want to persecute us, they want to destroy us. That is unique to the Jewish people. By and large, the world doesn’t care.”

The Bottom Line

Prager explains that “we live in a world that is morally broken.” The media looks at Israel as the evil one, while the truly evil ones, Israel’s enemies, are looked at as innocent victims.

However, this whole situation can only be understood by accepting the G-d element.

“Israel is smaller than El Salvador, yet it is the pre-occupation of humanity. The United Nations spends more time on Israel than on the worst human rights abusers in the world.”

While we spend much time complaining about this situation, it is all part of G-d’s plan. It is due to Israel being the pre-occupation of the world, that in the end, the Jewish people and Israel, are making the big impact on humanity that we are supposed to make.

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