The threats facing the West can no longer be ignored

by Avi Abelow

The threats facing the West are threats from without and threats from within. The Western Judeo-Christian world will only survive if it wakes up to these threats.

Threats from Without

Islam is the outside threat that threatens the Western Judeo-Christian world. Not all Muslims are a threat, and not all Muslims are looking to destroy the Western Judeo-Christain world. However, a minority of Muslims do think this way, and that is hundreds of millions of Muslims, all over the world, including many who live in Western countries.

Many in the West prefer to view the growing terror and intolerance in the name of Islam as isolated criminal incidents.  As if they have no connection to one another. It is impossible for them to understand that a Muslim would want to subjugate non-Muslims. It is impossible for their tolerant mindset to accept that there are Muslims who are religiously intolerant. Instead, they ignore the threat that Islam poses to their continued way of life.  This will affect the future of their children and grandchildren.

Threats from Within

Leftism, political correctness and the intolerance to hear and discuss different ideas and values, is the biggest threat from within to Western society.

Lawfare Project Director Brooke Goldstein says it best that “political correctness declares war on the marketplace of ideas.”

It shuts down legitimate discussion and labels certain idea and values as unacceptable. This is tearing Western society apart. Universities today are not teaching students how to think, but teaching students what to think!

While political correctness does not tolerate conservate ideas or values, it does tolerate the terror and intolerance of Islam. That same worldview that is out to destroy the West.

Time to Wake Up

Waking up to the threats facing the West is not about left or right, it’s about all of us and our future.

It’s as if the intellectuals and thought leaders of the West have forgotten about what is special about western Judeo-Christian society to maintain and why to preserve it.

If people don’t wake up soon enough, the threats from within will enable the threats from without to succeed in destroying Western society as we know it.

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