Swiss Multinational Official Expelled from Israel for Slapping a Jewish 10-Year-Old in Hebron

by Avi Abelow

A Swiss multinational official was just expelled from Israel for an extremely un-diplomatic action of slapping a 10 year old Israeli boy.

The Incident

Last week, a Swiss multinational official, who is the legal counsel for a United Nations force in Hebron called TIPH, slapped an Israeli boy.

The 10 year old boy is the brother of a baby who was murdered by a “Palestinian” Arab sniper, in the Hebron playground back in March 2001. She would be 17 years old today.

TIPH officials are not allowed in the Jewish area of Hebron, so this SWISS official dressed up as a civilian to enter the area and join an anti-Israel tour run by a group called Breaking the Silence. They are a group that bring tourists to see Hebron and tell them lies about things that Israel and the IDF do to the Arabs.

While 97% of Hebron is Arab only, forbidden for Jews, they like to show tourists the tiny Jewish area where Arabs are forbidden. They conveintly forget to tell tourists that the Arabs used to use that area to conduct numerous terror attacks against Israelis.


TIPH is a UN multinational force placed in Hebron to protect the Arabs from Jewish violence. Yes, you heard that correctly. The United Nations pays a multinational staff to work in Hebron and protect Arabs from Jewish citizens.

The official description of this UN task force is to “monitor and report efforts to maintain a normal life in the city of Hebron, thus creating a sense of security among the Palestinians in Hebron.” As the United Nations says in black and white, they are there to give security to the “Palestinian” Arabs, who terrorize the Jews. They are NOT there to stop the Arabs from acts of terrorism against the Jews.

Expelled from Israel

As a result of the video of the Swiss UN official slapping the Israeli boy, Israel’s Foreign Ministry immediately told the Swiss UN official to leave Israel.

The Foreign Ministry said the order for his expulsion was made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Switzerland Apologizes

Jean-Daniel Ruch, Switzerland’s Ambassador to Israel, issued an apology to the Jewish community of Hebron.

Ruch started his letter by blaming the settlers for “no doubt” provoking the TIPH legal counsel into hitting the young boy.

“Though this was no doubt preceded by some provocation on the side of the settlers — the action of this TIPH member is totally unacceptable. It is expected from our TIPH members that they keep their nerves in any circumstances.”

Ruch then apologized for the slap and called on the Jewish leaders of Hebron to help avoid the situation from deteriorating, calling on settlers to stop provoking TIPH personnel.

As you can imagine, the Jewish residents of Hebron are not happy about the TIPH presence because they are constantly overlooking the Jewish citizens of the city and complaining about the,

While the Jewish community of Hebron is happy to see this Swiss UN official expelled, they would like to see all TIPH officials expelled Hebron, because they are just a nuisance to the Jewish residents. They should be there to stop Arab terror, but the United Nations prefers to police Jews trying to live peacefully in their ancient city, rather than admit that the Arabs terrorize Jews.

For the Real Information about the Complex Reality of Hebron Watch This:

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