PM Netanyahu and his wife attend the World Cup with two special guests

by Leah Rosenberg

PM Netanyahu and his wife Sara attended the World Cup in Moscow. When they were told they could bring two guests, they chose two special people.

PM Netanyahu at World Cup

The prime minister of Israel was invited to attend the World Cup when he was in Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladamir Putin. He and his wife Sara had planned to attend and were told that they could bring two guests. If you were the Israeli PM and could bring anyone in the world, who would you bring?

Two Special Guests

The Netanyahus chose to bring two special children fighting cancer. One guest was Mika Lipsker, who is 18 years old and whom the Netanyahus have known for nine years. The other guest was 13 year old Alon Izraev whose parents immigrated to Israel from Russia. Netanyahu said about Izraev, “he really loves soccer” ( They all seemed to have enjoyed the game together.

The Role of Prime Minister

It is not necessarily the prime minister’s job to give children with cancer special once in a lifetime opportunities. But in Israel, everyone feels connected. And PM Netanyahu wanted to do something special for these children. They could have taken anyone, and the Netanyahus chose these remarkable and brave children. It is noteworthy that the prime minister of Israel would do something like this.

Israel is truly a unique country. Instead of looking at the imperfections of Israel – which EVERY country has – people should focus on those tiny, but not insignificant, things that take place on a daily basis.


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