Thanks to Israel, watching the World Cup will never be the same

by Leah Rosenberg

Millions of people watch the World Cup all over the world. But would it be such a quality experience watching if it weren’t for Israeli startups?

Sports on TV and on the Field

People love sports. Different countries and individuals have their favorite sport. Soccer, or football, is the most popular sport in the world with an estimated 4 billions fans ( So when sports fans worldwide want to watch the World Cup either at home or at the arena, they want it to be a good experience. They cheer, shout, and wait anxiously to see who will win. Thanks to Israeli startups and technology, they can actually enjoy sitting on their couch at home and on the field while cheering on their favorite team.

Israeli Startups

Israeli startups invent cool things for the world. Whether it be medical breakthroughs, driving technology, or drip irrigation technology, Israel is at the top with its innovative mind. And they have even made their contributions in sports history! What they have done for the sports industry is unreal.

Although Israel did not qualify to participate in the World Cup 2018, they have still made their technological mark and improved the matches. The following are Israeli technologies that have improved the game:

(1) Replay Technologies
(2) Minute Media
(3) PlaySight Interactive
(4) WSC
(5) Udobu SL
(6) Pixellot’s Ultra High Resolution
(7) ClearVuze
(8) Texel’s Technology
(9) Peer5
(10) Tokabot

From facilitating interaction between fans worldwide to creating different angles of watching replays, Israel is enhancing sports, including the most popular sport.

For those who STILL want to boycott Israel, they might have trouble enjoying their sports games. Because as you see, Israel is improving EVERYTHING.

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