IDF spokesman and Imam agree on dangers of terrorism in historic meeting

by Leah Rosenberg

It is not often that you hear an Imam agree with the IDF about the dangers of Terrorism. But what this Imam says gives some hope for a future with peace.

Dangers of Terrorism

The dangers of terrorism are obvious to those who seek peace. Radical Islam promotes terrorism. And terrorism kills people. It does NOT create peace, but it creates hatred. It turns children into animals by teaching them to kill others and become terrorists. In radical Islam, anyone who does not share the same beliefs is murdered. They even have CHILDREN killing the “infidels.” It is truly sickening to see the education that these Muslim children receive at such a young age.

Many Imams promote hatred and violence. They preach this exact idea – that Muslims should kill the “infidels.”

But some Imams are moderate and peaceful and want to share with the world what Islam can really be.

Historic Meeting

One peaceful Imam is Imam Hassen Chalghoumi. He and IDF spokesman Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis met in Paris in what became a historic meeting. They shared a common understanding about the dangers of terrorism. Imam Hassen Chalghoumi does not believe in ANY of what Radical Islam preaches.

The Imam and IDF spokesman discussed peace and living amongst each other in harmony.

The Imam said, “We believe in human dignity, in human happiness, and not to use scripture to kill innocent people.” He also said, “I hope from the bottom of my heart that peace will happen between the two people, and that we will condemn violence and terror.”

It is reassuring to hear when an Imam is against violence and terrorism. It gives hope to those of us hoping, praying, and waiting for peace.

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