The daring Israeli operation that saved over a hundred hostages in just 90 minutes – Entebbe

by Leah Rosenberg

The Israeli hostage rescue operation at Entebbe is the most unbelievable rescue operation ever that any country carried out.

What Happened?

42 years ago, on July 4th 1976, Israeli special forces rescued 102 Jewish/Israeli hostages from an airplane terror hijacking in Entebbe, Uganda. A joint German, Arab terrorist gang hijacked a plane midair after takeoff from Athens, Greece. They joined forces with the terrorist organization, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

The terrorists forced the plane to land in an abandoned airport in Entebbe, Uganda and threatened to kill all the Jews.  Then the terrorists decided to set free all of the non-Jewish passengers and the crew. However, the terrorists only held on to the Jewish/Israeli passengers because they were Jewish.  the motives of the terrorists were crystal clear. In a tremendous feat of heroism, the French, non-Jewish crew, refused to leave the Jewish hostages behind and stayed with them throughout the ordeal.

Operation Yonatan

The Israeli rescue mission was called Operation Entebbe.  But it also became known as Operation Thunderbolt.  Eventually, it was renamed Operation Yonatan, for the one Israeli commander who was killed in this miraculous operation. His full name was Yonatan Netanyahu, the late brother of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli forces flew 2,500 miles under complete silence and launched a daring raid rescuing hundreds in just a few minutes. A truly miraculous and unbelievable feat, unlike any other hostage rescue operation, ever.

Against all odds. Israel showed the world that she will always be there for her people. No matter how far.

Great animated short film on Operation Entebbe


The best film that depicts the events of the Entebbe Operation is the Israeli movie called “Operation Thunderbolt”, or in Hebrew “Mivtza Yonatan”, named after Israeli Prime Minister’s brother Yonatan Netanyahu. He was the only IDF soldier killed in the operation. An unbelievable feat itself.

Operation Thunderbolt is the only movie one should see about this unbelievable hostage rescue operation. First of all, it is the best action movie out of them all. More importantly, it reflects the true story of what transpired, unlike any other. Finally, it talks about the operation from 3 points of view. It focuses on the abduction by the terrorists. The military perspective, opening up the discussions that took place between the army leaders and politicians in planning the operation. As well as the political ramifications and public opinion in Israel.

Hollywood Failure

Recently Hollywood produced a new movie about the Entebbe operation.  However, it is a disgrace and a huge waste of money.

The new movie tells the Entebbe story from the terrorist’s perspective. It is a horrible film that plays down Israel’s heroism in the rescue operation.  It creates sympathy for the despicable German-palestinian Arab terrorists who perpetrated the terror attack.

Israel is here to stand up and protect all Jews, all over the world, in time of need. The rescue operation at Entebbe best exemplifies this.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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