Imam banned from Facebook for spreading peace

by Michael Sax

He may very well help bring world peace, but Facebook banned him. After much protest, his page has since been restored. Everyone needs to hear his message as Imam Mohammad Tawhidi speaks out against radical Islam.

Who is Imam Mohammad Tawhidi?

Meet Imam Mohammad Tawhidi. He is also know as the Imam of peace. Tawhidi uses his Facebook page to criticize radical Islam. It’s not common to see Muslims publicly criticizing radical Islams, and his facebook page has almost 100,000 likes. He is doing very important work to bring peace and call out the terrorists. Furthermore, people want to hear this man. He is a breath of fresh air!

Why was he banned?

Tawhidi knows the truth. He isn’t afraid to call Hamas a terrorist organization. And he used sarcastic words to describe them. However, people who oppose Imam Tawhidi used this as an excuse to complain to Facebook. They succeeded.  His Facebook page was banned! The hypocrisy of this knows no bounds. Islamic extremist groups have verified pages on Facebook, yet this Muslim leader, who calls out the extremists, had his page banned. Apparently, the extremists noticed this comment and used it to lodge complaints, leading to the page ban.

There seems to be a complete lack of priorities here. Radical Islamic groups have pages on Facebook. Yet when the Imam of peace talks about a terror group, they banned his page?!

What is Facebook doing?

Israel has accused Facebook of facilitating Palestinian incitement against Israelis. Facebook has started taking action. They reportedly deleted the account of the Gaza-based Safa news agency, which is close to Hamas.

Incitement on social media can lead to murder. The social media companies need to take responsibility for their platform and stop radical speech. As ideas can spread quickly online, it is critical to ban the terror groups before extremist ideology lead to extremist actions.

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