Thousands March the Streets of London Calling for Israel’s Destruction on Al Quds Day

by Avi Abelow

Iran’s Ayatollah Khomenei, in 1979, established Al Quds day for the explicit purpose of encouraging the popular support for the destruction of Israel. British authorities now allow this hateful march on the streets of London year after year.

The March

People should have no illusion. The chant “from the river to the sea palestine will be free” is a direct call to destroy Israel. This means there is no room for Israel between the river and the sea. It is a genocidal chant to destroy Israel. How so many liberals and “peace” loving people can join in such genocidal calls is baffling and sad.

Just listen to the leader of Al Quds March in London

British Permission

Why does Britain allow this genocidal al quds march in the streets of London? Note that the flags feature big rifles on them! They are the flags of Hizbollah, a major terrorist organization in the Middle East!

Britain permits this because according to British authorities, while they recognize that Hizbollah is a terrorist organization, they also recognize that it as an accepted political party in Lebanon.

The absurdity of this screams to high heaven. One organization can not both be a terrorist organization and a respected political party!

British authorities ignore the blatant fact that they are two sides to the same organization. Thanks to this idiocy, British authorities permit a terror organization to march on the streets of London calling for the genocide of Israel, a British ally, every year.

Counter Protest

While thousands of Israel haters were marching down the streets of London in support of destroying Israel, hundreds of British Jews, and non-Jewish Israel supporters, took to the streets to counter protest.

Maajid Nawaz

The keynote speaker at the counter protest was Maajid Nawaz. Nawaz is a British activist and politician of Pakistani descent. He was the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for London’s Hampstead and Kilburn constituency in the 2015 general election. He is now a media personality and is very outspoken against Muslim extremism.

Majid gave a powerful talk against the al quds day marchers.

Maajid’s opening words say it all. “The difference between those of us who stand here and the flag that you raise (Israeli flag) and those that stand over their and the flag that they raise (Hizbollah flag)… is a gun! You do not see a weapon emblazoned on your flag, you do not see a dagger on this flag, but you see a symbol your identity versus a symbol of violence.”


  • “Palestine” was never a country. It is a geographical name. The Romans gave the area it’s name after they put down the Jewish rebellion in Judea.
  • There was never a people called “palestinians”.  People who lived in the area of the Land of Israel during the brief British Mandate period were referred to as palestinians.  Palestinians  was a term for either Arabs or Jews in the area!
  • The land between the river and the sea has always been referred to as Judea.  It is the homeland of the Jewish people.

Our Hope

We hope and pray that the British authorities wake up and end this facade of allowing supporters of genocide march the streets of London with a flag of violence calling for the destruction of Israel.

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