Jewish activist storms Women’s March stage and confronts them about Jew-hatred

by Leah Rosenberg

Laura Loomer bravely stood up to antisemitism on the Womens’ March Stage. And her voice was definitely heard by everyone!

Storming the Women’s March Stage

Most people would not have the courage to do what Laura Loomer did at the Women’s March. She stood up and confronted the organizers for their blatant Jew-hatred. The people they associate with, the things they say – it all is just antisemitic. And Loomer was not going to stand for that. She is a Jew herself and rightly so, she yelled out, “The Women’s March does not represent Jewish people.” The March does not invite or represent all women. Their organizers are people like Linda Sarsour. They hate Jews. They love people like Louis Farrakhan who is a vile anti-semite.

So, it is understandable that Laura Loomer wanted to protest.

When the World Ignores It

When the world ignores such obvious antisemitism, it is frightening. Louis Farrakhan praises Hitler. And the Women’s March organizers praise Louis Farrakhan. By definition, they are praising Hitler as well.

How can anyone let this go on anymore? Who would even want to be part of such a despicable march? Laura Loomer tried to make a loud statement because it is truly too quiet when it comes to antisemitism. More voices need to speak up!

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