Massive Media Fake News Smear in America As MAGA Hat Kids Get Demonized

by Brian of London

The media went crazy demonizing a bunch of High School boys from Covington Catholic High School, but in the end, it was a massive fake news story. This is similar to the phenomenon of fake news when it comes to so much reporting on Israel. Especially all the pallywood stories, where the Arabs fake incidents that the media runs to report on and smear Israel in their headlines.

As I woke up this morning, my Twitter stream (the part that follows the MAGA Trump supporters) was alight with one story. Because I no longer pay any attention to mainstream media sources on anything, I usually have to look back up the chain to find out what happened. And I was right, it was a massive fake news story, massive.

There’s two ways to look at this story, this version is framed to look at it for people who’ve followed the lies and distortions about Israel for years, regular readers of IsraelUnwired for example. Over on my own new site,, I’ll direct this story toward people, especially in America, watching the demonization of Trump and Trump supporters, and for the UK it’s the demonization of Brexit and Brexiteers.

Imagine my surprise when it lead back to this story in the Washington Post.

A viral video of a group of Kentucky teens in “Make America Great Again” hats taunting a Native American veteran on Friday has heaped fuel on a long-running, intense argument among abortion opponents as to whether the close affiliation of many antiabortion leaders with President Trump since he took office has led to moral decay that harms the movement.

The video, which began to spread Saturday morning, showed a throng of young, mostly white teenage boys, several wearing the caps, closely surrounding a 64-year-old man who was beating a drum as part of the Indigenous Peoples March happening near the Lincoln Memorial on Friday.

The story is that this older, Native American man was surrounded and intimidated by a gang of MAGA hat wearing kids. All over Twitter right now the far-left, blue checkmark terrified hate mob is looking for these kids. They’re hunting down their high school year bookspetitioningto get them expelled from their Catholic school, petitioning to have the principal of the school fired.

I am inherently suspicious of sites like Washington Post or CNN because I’ve been watching them defame Israel for more than a decade: especially with taking a video, cutting out context and presenting their favourite narratives. And here’s the bias: Catholic, white kids who’ve just attended a huge anti-abortion march and are wearing MAGA hats are in the same class for mainstream sites as “Israeli settlers” and here we can see exactly the same demonization tactics used.

As Mike Cernovich points out in the video embedded below, the crowd from which this Native American activist emerges seems to have a come from the Black Hebrew Israelite Movement which are a deeply racist, Black supremacist movement. Even the SPLC condemn them. Their part is not mentioned in the Washington Post of course.

The Native American man banging the drum: who is he? Has he done this before? Any background on him? No. Of course this is a pattern of behavior for Nathan Phillips, just like our very own dear Shirley Temper Ahed Tamimi whose exploits I’ve watched for years. If you’re reading pro-Israel sites regularly you’ll recognize any story she appears in and be suspicious, but if you just relied on the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and all the rest, you’d fall for the deuces of lies.

I’m including this video by Mike Cernovich because, without sending you to watch long raw streams from the event, he highlights the most important points that debunk the mainstream narrative. Mike is in the process of releasing a film, Hoaxed, of which I’ve seen a pre-release. It doesn’t specifically talk about Israel but every trick and distortion method he shows in his film was invented, tested and deployed to demonize Israel since (largely) 1967.

What was done to these boys relies on the central trick pulled by the anti-Israel media. Framing an event so tightly in either time, space or both as to cut all context and invert the position of aggressor and victim. This was pointed out so eloquently by Matti Friedman: to demonize Israel as the Goliath of the Middle East oppressing the poor Palestinians, you have to zoom in really tight in geography and ignore multiple hostile nations and 100 million more Arabs surrounding Israel. In order to slander Israeli acts of self defense, you frame the timescale to ignore the attack upon Israel that proceed acts of self defense.

This is how Pallywood has been operating in Israel for years, with the demonisation of Trump and anyone who dares to support him or any conservative cause (self defence rights, anti-abortion etc.) we see these tactics deployed full force against Americans.

Full Video Showing the Proof

This video clearly shows that the Native American people who claim to have been harassed walked a distance to get in the faces of the high school kids. It looks more like the kids were a target, not aggressors. Will the mainstream media apologize for this massive fake news demonizing these teenage boys and their High School?

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