The Muslim who is battling for the soul of Islam

by Leah Rosenberg

Raheel Raza is a strong Muslim voice who has dedicated her life to trying to take back what was stolen by extremists. And that is the soul of Islam.

The Soul of Islam

Raza refers to what she is battling for as “the soul of Islam.” She feels that Muslim extremists have taken her religion and faith and twisted it. They have destroyed something that is so close to her. Many Muslims might feel that way, but she is actively trying to change the reality.

And despite getting death threats, Raheel Raza has not given up. She sticks to her beliefs and what she thinks is moral and just.

Not Anti-Muslim

Raheel said that people think she is anti-Muslim because she condemns radicalization. What is anti-Muslim about that? If anything, it is the opposite. She is very pro-Muslim, and that is why she wants to expose the dangers of radical Islam. She wants to show the world the threat of extremism. Why? Because she wants Islam back! Raza wants to take back what she feel was stolen from her by extremists. She should be commended for her work, not threatened.

When Muslims Speak Up

When a Muslim herself is speaking up, the world should wake up. They should be aware that she knows about Islam. And if she is saying to address the issue of radicalization, then that is what has to be done!

The world needs more strong voices like Raheel Raza!

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