Alyssa Milano Exposed as Covering up for Sharia Supporting Linda Sarsour

by Avi Abelow

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer does it again. Even though Sarsour has come out in clear support of Islamic sharia law, Alyssa Milano lied on camera that Sarsour does not support Sharia. Sharia law is the legal code of Islam.  It discriminates against women, gays and non-Muslims, and includes harsh punishments for anyone who behaves “unIslamic.”

Laura Loomer Continues Talking about this Hypocrisy After Being Ejected

People must understand that when Muslims are a minority they demand minority rights, but when they become a majority they take away the rights of the minorities. This is done when they implement Sharia law. While Muslims who live in the West should be allowed to follow laws of sharia that affect their own personal lives, sharia should be forbidden to be implemented in the public space.  Because then they impact also on non-Muslims. Otherwise, Western women will find themselves discriminated against in their own communities.  British women today are beginning to experience this, as can be seen in the video below.

Muslim legal Expert Talks about Sharia Law

Sample Sharia Law

Homosexuals are either jailed or put to death with the death penalty.

Women can be stoned to death for sex outside marriage or for “honor killings”.

Women must also submit completely to the husband’s will.  This submission means even having sex whenever the husband desires, thus effectively accepting rape.

Sharia Law on Blasphemy and Apostasy

In one word, death. One gets the death sentence if one say something blasphemous against Islam or Mohammad. One who converts to another religion and leaves Islam, also gets the death penalty.  Hear all about those Sharia laws here.

Milano Cover Up for Sarsour

Milano says that Sarsour does not support Sharia law.  Yet Sarsour herself says she supports it, right here in the following video. One can also see how Sarsour sugarcoats Sharia law for the liberal Western audience.  She explains that it is just a set of legal laws that pertain to marriage, divorce and other life-cycle events. She conveniently leaves out that sharia includes laws to murder gays, kill women who have sex out of marriage, and enforce a total submission of married women to their men.

This is Sharia law being implemented on the streets of East London. By Milano, and other #MeToo activists embracing Sarsour, they enable tacit support of this sharia enforcement to come to the streets of the USA. Otherwise, in the name of the #MeToo movement, Milano should be calling out Sarsour for being part of an Islamic system that discriminates against women.

What is the Matter with Questions?

Loomer was ejected from this Milano event because of her question.

After Milano answered her question with the lie about Sarsour not supporting Sharia, she then stated that she didn’t like the “tone” of Loomer’s voice.”

Since when is a person ejected from an event because of a challenging question? People ask conservative Ben Shapiro challenging questions at his events all the time. They are never ejected. Shapiro answers each person respectfully and has a dialogue with them based on the merits of their questions. While Milano gives Loomer an answer, her answer was a lie.  She didn’t engage in the real concern people have with Sarsour. How can someone like Sarsour, who supports a legal code that denigrates women, be respected as a leader in the #MeToo movement?

Americans bury their heads in the sand as Potential Radical Muslims run for congress

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